Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iphone Or New Laptop

I am currently debating myself whether if i just let hubby buy me an iphone or the new laptop that he promised me. He said that i do need the laptop for my work online and some other things, and he said some other things that i cannot live without getting online everyday, lol! Anyway, he said that if ever i want to get an iphone, i am sure it's not just the unit that i wanted to get, also there are some other iphone accessories that i want to include the purchase. Of course! But i am thinking that he might be right though, i might just get the iphone later with my own income. That way, i still have enough time whether i should go for it or maybe i just have to held off buying things for myself and get some other things for my kids instead. Anyway, can't help to like those things, those are the kinds that a woman has got to have, wink!


Resty said...

That was a tough choice there. But choosing a new laptop is a good choice. Although Iphones nowadays is in, but it is not that useful compare to the laptop.

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Philippa said...

Buy an iphone and there are a lot of useful apps you can do with it. Once you have it, download Intuition ( One of my favorites of so many apps you will soon find. It is an interactive planner that does location alert and email reminder, grocery listing, and real community for mom worldwide.