Saturday, October 9, 2010

Starting To Crave Again

This is one food from Philippines that i can never get tired of eating. When i was still there, i almost eat this recipe everyday. Different kinds of fish, tuna, small ones and big ones. If you are PINOY or PINAY yourself, you can't really help but to drool whenever even to just see a photo of this recipe. I just barely got back here in Utah and i am starting to miss this already. This is the one reason why i gained weight so quick during my stay in Philippines. It made my appetite so good. Also there's grilled fish and some other food that i am starting to crave even though not so long ago, i was just eating them. Well, i guess i have to live with the frozen tuna fish here in Utah since there is no fresh fish around here. I don't like the lake fish, it tastes so bland, i like the seawater fish better, i guess because i grew up eating seawater fish.

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