Friday, October 29, 2010

Fingernails Painted Black

This image is courtesy by google

I painted my fingernails black again! It has been a month since i have my nails painted, before i left Philippines but it was not black, it was platinum. I like painting my nails black because it makes my hands look lighter. Also the main purpose why i have it black because we are going to a halloween costume party tomorrow at my friend's house. I am getting so excited and anxious to wear my costume. My nails sure will match my costume because i am going to be a flirty teddy bear tomorrow. I am just glad that my little one is asleep while his big brother is at school right now that's why i was able to paint my nails without being bothered by two kiddos. I am sure if they were around while i was doing my nails, i would have it all messed up for they cannot just watch me, they have to get things from my little basket where i put all my nails stuff.

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