Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costume Party 2010

It was a blast yesterday as we celebrated the halloween at my friend's house. We all wore halloween costumes and we in fact had a costume contest. It was a simple one though but we all had fun, both the kids and parents. That was the most fun halloween celebration i attended so far. Yeah, we celebrated halloween for the past five years now but yesterday was the best one, and i am sure that next year will be a fun one once again. Now that i made friends with these true people i get to be with all the time, celebrations is no longer boring for me for i can get together with these friends i have.

The husbands did not wear their halloween costumes for it was mainly for Filipina beauties only and of course for our kiddos. My costume was a flirty teddy bear and my oldest son was a buzz light year, and the little potato was a lion king, the cutest one of course! lol! Too bad i never did get the chance to take pictures of my two boys together though because my oldest one kept on running around yesterday, having so much fun with his friends in there. These photos below are just some of the snaps i got, it'll be too much if i share all the photos here though, i got most of it in my FB account, so if you are in my FB list, you can view all of them. Happy Halloween!!!!
The lion king is the most cutest among!The flirty teddy bearThe flirty teddy bearHalloween 2010, A flirty teddy bear

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