Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Family Getaway

How about another get away for the family soon? Isn't it so exciting when you hear the head of the family tells you that you are going to an another vacation? Well, that's how we are. Both hubby and i loves to travel and so as the kids. They enjoy riding the car for a long time without getting bored or whining. Outer Banks rentals is just a perfect one for us. I already have seen the place through visiting the website that they provided, and it looks so inviting and calm place. Also the room is perfect for a family, they also have bunk beds for kids just like the photo attached above. I don't have to worry about kids's bed then, their Carolina Designs are just awesome!!! This vacation is going to be a fun one once again, and i so can't wait! I haven't told our five year old boy yet so he won't be so excited and will keep on bugging me when are we going to leave here.


dodong flores said...

I love vacation!

My wife and I will be having our own weekend getaway next week in La Union...

Anonymous said...

Aww they're truly wonderful, hun! :D Nice designs, kids would surely have fun with those. And I wish it was time for another vacation already; I miss the kids.

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