Friday, October 15, 2010

Picky Eater Kid

picky eater
My five year old son used to be a good eater. I can give whatever food i prepare for him and he will eat it no problem. But as he is growing, i start to noticed that he is not growing that much anymore like what he is supposed to, like the other kids same as his age. I have seen some of his classmates that are now a lot bigger than him and taller. In fact it bothered me even more when a friend came over yesterday with her son. He was a year younger than my son but he was a lot taller than my boy. So i told hubby that we should do something about our son. He is starting to be picky lately and he eats food that doesn't have much vitamins to it to help him grow fast.

He eats hot pockets, hotdogs, corn dogs and some other food that is really for just snacks, not for meal. He eats veggies though, but doesn't eat that much anymore like he used to. He used to be a vegetable gobbler. He can gobble a plate of steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I miss those times that he was looking so healthy and chubby! Now he is getting so skinny! He doesn't looked malnourished though (as you can see his photo above, that's very recent) but as a mother, i cannot help but to worry. I bought him vitamins in Philippines, but i know vitamins only helps when there's good food he eats. I already tried everything though, but seems like it wasn't working for him.

So, i am calling all the concerned mothers here, please share your experiences and tips on how to feed a five year old kid picky eater. He keeps on telling me now, nah! I don't like that, i want hotdog or corndog or maybe hot pockets. Goodness gracious! He cannot just eat all those forever! There's not much to those kind of food that makes him grow stronger and taller. I am seeking some help here, if you are a mother like me, i would love to hear your tips about your kids and experience as a mother. And thank you so much in advance to those whoever will take an effort to leave their thoughts here.


Simply_Haze said...

My Chan2x is exactly the same. In his first 3 years he ate nothing but Vegetables and fruits but now he ate more of burgers, Pizza and ready meal food or fastfood. I think its the age where they think they can choose what they like. Don't give him any choice, Darls. Kada meal time, proper food jud ihatag with tons of greens in it or any veggies will do. Make him eat it and don't let him leave the table until he ate at least few mouth full. Ingon ana man ako ginabuhat kay Chan2x, kay pugsonon na kaau paka-onon when it comes to healthy food. Kaya, I don't give him any choice at all. I'll give him what I want him to eat which is the healthy meal with veggies or he eats nothing and get hungry. Da, muka-on lage. They might think were hard but its for their own good. Just try it!

Bravespirit said...

Hi Darlene, my daughter is also a picky eater. I used to worry like you, who wouldn't? As mothers, we only want the best for our kids, part of which is ensuring he/she is eating the right kind of food and getting the necessary vitamins and minerals, etc that they need. Especially, most Filipinos were influenced by advertisement/commercials where a healthy kid = a fat kid. I realized, this is not always the case and the standard. Skinny kids are found to be healthier than most fat kids. We should also consider that by 2 yrs old, growth in height has slowed down but continues at a fairly steady rate of approx 2 and a half inches per year. With regard to eating, I've learned that narrowing down the food choices to 2 healthy choices does the trick. Take note, I said HEALTHY choices. This way, our kids will only have few options and yet we empower them by encouraging them to make their own smart choices. It may not be the best at times in this case, but either way, they will still end up choosing a healthy meal. Hope this helps! Mom rules!