Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flirty Teddy Bear

My five year old son and i are a bit anxious to wear our halloween costumes this coming Saturday. He wanted to wear his tomorrow but i asked his teacher and she said that they don't let the kids wear their costumes, i don't know why. Anyway, my son is going to be a buzz light year, one of the character in Toy Story and i am going to be a flirty teddy bear. Hubby said that my costume is flirty alright for it is too short. He did not know that i am going to wear leggings or stockings to have my legs covered. Hubby supposed to wear his judge costume but he said he might not wear it anyway because the costume contest is mainly for the wives and the kids. Oh our little potato's costume is a lion, he's gonna be a lion king this coming Saturday, i can't wait to take pictures!

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