Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Grapes At Neighbor's Backyard

Every time the grapes of our neighbor next door gets ripe, she calls us letting us know that her grapes is ready to be picked. Her husband died almost two years ago already and before she lost him, they used to pick those grapes they have in their backyard and send us some over. But now that she is all by herself in her house, she probably felt so lonely. Hardly any kids of hers visits her and at least take her somewhere. So because i felt so sorry for her, i go there to her backyard and waves at her whenever she's in her back porch relaxing.

She's been so nice to us ever since when i got here. So she is probably thinking that might as well, no one's picking her sweet fresh grapes, she allow us to pick them instead. She's got different kinds of grapes and this first photo is the kind that's what i like the most, so sweet and juicy. My kids does like it too! She's got concord grape too that is good for making wine, a little tart but it's alright.
Sweet fresh grapesDSC_7949DSC_7998

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