Monday, October 25, 2010

Facebook, Networking Website

I am assuming that most of the people here in the world does have a FACEBOOK account and i am sure that people knows what's the purpose of this website. It's a social networking website where you can connect with your family, friends, old colleagues, classmates and long lost best friends and etc. I myself have an account in FACEBOOK. Mostly people that are in my list are my family, some distant relatives, best friends, friends, some old colleagues and some are friends online. As far as i know, this networking website allows you to socialize with the people you know, to communicate and to have conversations.

I am a very straight forward person, i so hate hypocrisy. I say whatever i want to say and i express my feelings to the public. I would say that i am not tactless either because tactless means lacking or exhibiting a lack of tact, bluntly inconsiderate or indiscreet. I consider myself as Vocal, meaning, an outspoken person. Vocal is absolutely different from being tactless. Also, i am more into action than talking. I prefer to do the things i wanted to get it done rather than keep on talking about it. I want to move fast and get things done as quickly as i can, that's how i am. I think things over many times but when i decide, i get it done fast.

So, as to this networking website that i am talking about, i got rid of some people that are very annoying in my list. I guess they must have forgotten the purpose or the meaning of this social networking website, because i was the one tried to reach them but seems like they don't know me at all or maybe they just don't feel like responding to my message. For me, i don't see any reason why keeping those kind of people in my list, if you don't like me, then why keep you?

My motto is just so simple to these kind of people, IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME, THEN I FEEL THE SAME WAY, I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER!!! I can live with just few friends around me but then they are genuine. I would rather have few but real, than having many that i pretty much don't know most of them or never get interacted with them not even once. I don't feel sorry deleting those people in my list, in fact, i feel good getting rid of those annoying people that keep on posting stupid things that aren't that interesting for me anyway. That's one main reason i deleted some of them, i feel that they don't have the same interest as me. So goodbye, and goodluck!!!

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