Monday, March 17, 2008


Good morning everyone! Hope all of you have a good sleep last night. Bouncing back the question, i didn't get enough sleep though because i did something that hooked me up here in my computer's desk. I was finishing my videos last night that i made and it was worth it because i could never get tired watching them although there are some errors to it but not that noticeable unless your are are pretty sharp to catch the errors lol!

I am very thankful to my pretty friend for being so patient all the time teaching me tricks in movie maker. She is a very good teacher, she is the one always help me out every time i have questions. Thank you so much Pretty Ivy, i love you! I truly treasure our friendship. Anyway, here's the links of my videos, i posted them to my two domains and please click the title of my domains below.


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Carrie Smith said...

thought I would stop by to say hi! Lots of blog catching up to do today...

take care