Friday, March 14, 2008

Tomorrow's Plan

We are going to a fabric store tomorrow because my hands are kinda itchy and feels like i wanna sew a blanket for my dear little girl. I know, i know i am getting so excited and very anxious to see her, but this is just a normal feeling for a happy mother like me. I told hubby that we are going tomorrow to my favorite fabric store to buy some nice fabrics that i saw in my coupons mail. I love to go and buy fabrics when i am inspired to make some quilts again. Right now i can't wait to sew one blanket for my dear little girl and i am sure that she is going to love the warm, cozy, comfy and cuddly blanket that i am going to make just for her. Of course it would be light pink with pretty tiny prints on it. I will show it here soon as i get it done, i can't wait!

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♥Shabem-®♥ said...

OK so I don't have an update of the contest. You're talking about your little girl here,so I was right that you're going to have a girl lol.
Anyway, congrats Darlz!