Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Little Engineer

I was gonna post this entry last week but i was caught up with something else and got so busy especially we had the easter holiday. Anyway, this entry is all about my son building up his lego blocks and he always shows me something that he come up to and asks me what do i call his creations. It is kind of embarrassing though because i can never really tell what's really on his mind creating those lego blocks. Anyway here are samples of his creations. Just see them for yourself and look how smart is my boy to put up all the same color at the same place and how creative is his mind for telling me what kind of creations he made. The two first photos he called it "AIRPLANE" and the second last photos he called it "CASTLE". Isn't he so cute?


Mimi said...

He is soo smart! That's amazing how organized he guys are so blessed!!!! Good job teaching her!

Ivy Sterling said...

what a smart boy, it looks like his creating a red cross!

I am sure bright kaayo ni bataa pud inig dako..liwat nako lol

jennyr said...

legos are fun! it also stimulates his brain kaya good for him!