Friday, March 14, 2008

Please Read First!!!

Good morning everyone! Hope you have a good morning today and ready to face for today's challenge. Anyway, i am writing this entry to let know all the fellow bloggers that i do know i missed a lot of things here in blogging world. I haven't hopped yet to some of bloggers in my list and i have a lot of things to catch up. But when someone in your family member gets sick, would you prioritize to blog hop rather than taking care of that someone in your family who's sick especially your child or children? I don't know all of you but for me i cannot even dare to leave my son when he is sick, my full attention is on to him. I cannot think straight what to write when i blog.

So please don't be so harsh when you send messages here. Please also read my latest entries before you leave messages in my tagboard. Just don't find where's the tagboard at, find a little time to read my entries because i don't fail to write what i am up to everyday. I know most of us bloggers have kids, and you all know what i am talking about when child or children get sick, they are most precious and most important than blogging right? This is just one of our hobbies and i know that.


Rissa said...

i understand ur situation Darl. just take ur time. importante jud atong family oi. sagdahi ra ng blogging. i hope everything's gonna be fine at ur end. tc!

Racel's Moments of My Life said...

you're right sweetie! your priority syempre is your son, hope all's well with you and your family now, God Bless!