Monday, March 17, 2008

Around The World

A lot of fellow bloggers tagged me on this but i haven't done any tags lately since it's a little bit complicated to do. And now i got the chance to do this and i wanna tahnk you all to those who tagged me with this meme. I still have a lot of awards to post too but never got the chance to do it still. Will post those awards also in the right time. To those who wants to link their blogs to this meme feel free to grab this one.

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These are the Links Around the World Tag:

1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!
2. After placing your blog’s address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.
3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I’ll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that’s been added to the list. ^_^

Links around the world tag

1. Momhood Moments 2. Business Mars 3. A Simple life 4. moms….. check nyo 5. Mommy’s Little Corner 6. Random Thoughts 7.Paradigm 8. Twinkletoe I 9. Twinkletoe II 10. SorealSotrue 11. Gracie de guzman 12. The Chic Shopaholic 13. Blog District 14.Rich Valla 15. Istilo Pinoy 16. Joey M.D. 17. The Working Mom 18. Online Raket 19. Mommy's Gibble Gabbles 20. Sweet Paradise 21. My Life My World

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Joey said...

Thanks so much for doing the tag.