Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Enough

I was not expecting that this blog will get page rank. When one of my friend told me that her pr is back, i immediately checked mine too to see if one of my domains gained page rank, and i am right! But i am not really expecting that this page rank will last because google is not so certain with the page ranks they give to each bloggers and that's why i try not to expect more from them because i know this is not permanent. Also i kinda felt bad because my other website that has page rank four went down to page rank 2.

But that's alright, i am very much contented of what i get from this blogging thing, i am just happy enough thinking that i am making money online staying home and at the same time i can take care of my family. And paid blogging is one way of helping my family back home, i am happy that i can help them financially even though i am not employed outside the house.

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jennyr said...

CONGRATS Darls! I'm so happy for you! and hoping tuloy2 na 'to wala ng bawi-an...sana!