Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random Facts

Got this tag from Yenny long long time ago and i cannot remember now when that was lol! But despite of the delay posting i still remember some of the tags that my friends handed it to me. Thank you so much Yen for tagging me i am terribly sorry for the delay respond to this tag.

Here's some of random facts about my son:
1. He feels like he's grown up, you cannot talk to him like a baby. He always corrects his daddy and mommy that he's not a baby no more and he's a kid lol!
2. He's not picky at all, he can eat anything except exotic food.
3. He's quite advance for his age and he learns so fast. That's why we are very careful of what we say here inside the house because he'll copy it soon as he hears new words from us.
4. He's a behave boy, he doesn't like to play with very hyper active kids that sometimes can hurt their playmates.
5. He's very polite boy, he always greet good morning daddy and good morning mommy. And say goodnight when it's bed time. He also say please and thank you every time we are giving him something.
6. At the early age he can recite the alphabet and also can count from 1 to 10. And now he can read three letter words.
7. He loves to eat banana a lot and also apple.

So far these are just some of the random facts about my son, he's got a lot of characters and behaviors that sometimes amazed me. And i know he is learning everyday.

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jennyr said...

wanted to tag u with this one but i saw ur name kang yen kaya gipass nalang tka,hehehe! nice to know more abt ur son darls!