Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teaching The Children

AS a parent to your child or children do you know your rights, do you know how to protect your child either? Anyway, i raised this questions because i have read a Reverse The Ruling - Homeschoolers Unite website that is so interesting for us parents to read. It is very important for us to learn and know our knowledge and we should know how to protect our children in terms of laws and regulations here in United States in America. We are responsible of our own children and we should give the best they deserve, like their basic needs such as schools, clothing and most important is their rights. WE should educate our kids about this matter and not just to ignore it.

This is gonna be very helpful to us as well if we have something that we haven't learned yet, we are educating our children and at the same time learning it with our own self. Like me, i need to be more knowledgeable with this laws and regulations since i am not familiar to most of what's written in the law book or those documented books of Unites States in America. Aside from teaching your kids to have good manners and right conduct, this is one of the most important to teach them, the law matters.

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