Friday, March 14, 2008

Paris Hotels

I have been dreaming to be in Paris one day and when hubby said that my dream will come true i was really happy that he said that. It only means that we are going to Paris soon and it will not take long no more before i see the beauty of Eiffel Tower Paris. I only see that beauty of Arc de Triomphe Paris in the photos of some of my friends living in there, but i want to see all that with my naked eyes and take some snaps with those lovely scenery in Paris. I am looking forward to see the whole big City of Paris and my friends said that it is indeed very beautiful out there and has stunning beauty in every corner of that place. Oh i cannot wait to get there no more, i love the place so much and i know my family and i are going to enjoy our grand vacation soon. One of my friend said that there's a lot of nice Paris hotels where we can stay with excellent service and has customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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