Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy Life

I can't believe that i have been away from the computer for so many days! I succeeded! Well, i guess i have to. I have been having problems with my sight. I cannot see things no more when it's too far. I have eye problem already since i worked in an electronics company and i was assigned as a checkline inspector and to do my job, i was using microscope to detect all the defects before i pass the raw products to the next processing. Hubby is getting worried about my eyes and so am i, it's really blurry if i try to focus my eyes and read words that are few steps away from me. Also, i cannot see people's face when it's far, i can tell if it's a boy or a girl but the face is just not seem so clear to see, really blurry and dark for me. Last week i almost fainted in grocery store again, hubby was really worried, so i tried to tell him that it's probably because of my sight problem. He told me that we better see a doctor for this problem.

Anyway, hubby tried to keep me away from computer and i did obeyed him. And besides i was preparing the party last Saturday and the party went so good and it's so fun! We have plenty of food and we discoed. I had fun and so as my friends, i took some video but i don't think i can post it here because it's way too long to watch. And pictures aren't that much to post either, i was really busy and i didn't even remember to take some snaps. Well, that's alright, i have videos to keep though, it was really fun to watch the video over and over again.

Oh, i better end my post here for it is getting so long for my readers to read, my apology for not visiting you all, i was just really busy, a lot of things going on lately with me. I hope that you all have a good day and another month of the year!


Rosemarie said...

i was right then think that u are busy preparing for your b-day

Ivy Sterling said...

wow sure ko daghan gyud pakal atong panahuna..sayang da wla me maka anha ni Anne