Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family Day Saturday

I am glad we were able to have a family day yesterday. Our first stop was at the fabric store, i bought some fabrics and also the thread that i am going to make the two scarf so i can send them sometime this week. We also went malling and we had fun. Daddy and our son went to playhouse to let the boy play with the kids out there and Mommy went for a little shopping while at the mall. After that, we ate dinner at Golden Corral restaurant and we stopped by to some store to buy some things for Daddy too. And here's some pictures that i took while our boy had so much fun at the playhouse in the mall.


Brian said...

hello darl just checking your blog. its really great to spend more time with your family. have a nice day darl

abby said...

hi there. wow! such a cute little boy. lokks like he had great fun.