Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fantasy Baseball

Hubby has a friend that he's the one handling the baseball team as a coach. He once invited us to watch the game of his team. And he said that it's really hard to be a coach sometimes especially when one of his team is not doing the right thing. He mentioned a lot of things that how hard to be a coach and there's a lot of practices and all that and he needs all the team to focus the game all the time and he cannot afford to have mistakes because one mistakes can leas into losing the game.

So anyway, i showed this fantasy baseball to him that i found and he is very impressed of how organized to be his team if he have something like this. He is really amazed and wants his team to have such a good organization just like what he saw in this website. And he is very thankful enough to me that i showed this to him because he got a very good idea and strategy on how to manage his team very well now. He learned so much and he wants to have this website for his team. I am glad i was able to help him a bit and he told me that i helped him a lot.

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