Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Break Contest

I hate winter because i will be hibernated inside the house due to the freezing weather outside. That's why hubby is trying to turn up the thermostat but that doesn't make me happy either. So i told hubby that we must find some place where i can escape from this freezing weather here. He suggested that we are going to the beach somewhere in California this spring time and oh boy! My glad to hear that suggestion. So i said yes right away of course! I told him that we need to have some skin protection so we don't get sunburn especially our son, the skin is too young and the sun rays is kinda harsh on skin nowadays. We need to bring a sun care so we will be protected from hot sun rays. I bought a bottle of ocean potion suncare for our dear son too. We all love to go to the beach and we just want to have some get away on this terrible freezing place.

And oh! By the way, since i mentioned this suncare protection, there's a Spring Break contest that everyone can join. Just visit the website and you'll find out how to join! That's why i am more excited about this because i am planning to join this contest and who knows i could be the lucky winner for the 5,000 dollars or an XTREME Dream Vacation!!! So you guys want to have some fun and at the same time wants to win? Well here's the good news for you!

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