Sunday, February 10, 2008

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Manhattan plastic surgeon is where my friend went for their surgery. They said that they are quite happy and very contented of what's the changes of the certain part of their body. I was very amazed of the changes indeed. And they have been bragging about it from the day they had operated. i am very happy for them because my friends said that they gain more confidence and has now more self esteem than before. I love how they look like now, they are indeed very different from before. I am also imagining myself that i had some surgery on my face so it will be look much better. But hubby said that i am already perfect and no need to undergo some surgery.

I have a friend here in town that's been looking for a best surgeon to do the operation of her face. She's got big birthmark on her face that she wants to get rid of. So i told her about the success operation of my friends and she is convinced and made a decision to let the Manhattan plastic surgeon to do the operation for her. That would be nice if her big birth mark on her face will be gone. She will look more beautiful.

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