Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scared The Heck Out Of Me

We got here in Cebu after it got dark earlier. I was so hungry and tired because my little one wore me out at the boat. He likes to walk around and give people his sweet fascinating smile. We had a little rough trip due to big waves but it wasn't that too bad since we rode the fast craft boat. I am thankful we arrived here safe and sound.

Anyway, i woke up in the middle of the night with a big loud BANG!!!! I really thought it was fire at first, i heard people yelling and there was chasing too. Then i peeked through the window and i saw chaos. I got so scared just by looking at what was happening outside. I realized it was a robbery. The public utility jeepney was being robbed by gunmen. Civilians and polices were chasing bad guys. It was them who did the shooting. I hope that the polices catch those idiots. I feel so bad that this kind of crime is really common here in Philippines due to poverty. Now that we have a new elected President, people are hoping for a change, a better change. It really is sad to say but i am seeing the reality.

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NovaS said...

oh that was pretty scaryy jud... glad you are back safe and sound...