Friday, July 9, 2010

I Wish I Have It

Here i am again at the internet cafe. This is my last resort since i can't finish the things i need to finish here in my blogging. I got a lot of tasks that needs to be done but i can't even finish it due to the very slow connection i got at my mother's place. So i ran here to have them finish today because some of them are going to expire today and i can't have them expire so i won't lose every penny of it. Although is not that much but it's a big help to me already, i am here in my country and the expenses here are all mine.

That's why i am so thankful that i got a lot of blessings from Sheriff and of course to my Big Boss for showering me all of these. I was not going to run over here because i am a little tired but i am thinking that i can't just lose these money that i got in my account now. I've got to write them or i might not get more blessings again. I hope the blessings will keep on pouring because no matter many of them are, i won't even complain for it is blessings that should be grateful for. I just wish i have my connection in Utah, a lot faster so i can do all these tasks in no time without the annoying kids's loud voice playing their shooting games.

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