Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busted Water Pipe

I am still wet until now on due to the busted water pipe outside here in my mother's place. I was the one that tried to fix it and put the lock on but i wasn't able to do it because the water was too strong. Good thing my brother came and he was the one got it fixed. Now my hands are tired and so as my arms, feels like i have been holding heavy things that i had it for awhile in my hands. It makes me feel so weak and wanted to go back to take a nap.

The water pipes has been cut by the water works crew and didn't even give the residents here a notice that they are going to do it. All the residents in this island are very upset about this problem because they have been so dependent of the water that supplied by the government. I am just hoping that they are going to reconnect this pipe soon because we are going to have an alumni homecoming next month and it won't be fun without a water supply here house to house. There will be lots of what we call BALIK-ISLANDERS that are now residing abroad like me that wants to attend this big event. This is indeed so upsetting, i am just looking forward for the best soon.

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