Friday, July 9, 2010

Feels Good

It sure feels good when someone tells you that you look younger than your age right? I may sound boasting but i get that very often. My classmate in first year highschool asked me how old i was when i had my profile picture in the social networking website. So i answered him i just had it few days ago. He was all surprised and could not believe that i am telling him the truth. We haven't heard from each other for a decade and now that we got connected through this social networking website with the help of our classmate, he was so happy that he finally saw me.

We were good friends and departed from each other when i left my place of origin to finish my studies in Manila, the main capital city of the Philippines. Now slowly some of my classmates recognizes me and it sure feels good that they are telling me i am still the same like what they remembered about me. Still tiny, small, petite and dark skinned like i was before. And they even told me i look so hot even though i already got kids. Thank you classmates, it's so flattering to hear such compliments like what i heard from you guys.

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