Friday, July 2, 2010

Got It Naturally

I am so tanned now! And guess what??? I am so loving it because i got it so naturally. Unlike the Caucasians, they have to spend thousand bucks to go to tanning salon just to get tanned. But for me, i can easily get tanned without spending money, i am Asian and was born with brown complexion, now i got more darker because i have been going to the beach almost once a week and i don't really care if my skin gets more darker as long as i am enjoying my vacation here in Philippines with my kids.

Although i am missing my husband and so as the kids, they miss their daddy so badly, still we are having a blast of our vacation here. Hubby said i should not think of him that often so i can focus more on our stay here. He told me that what i must do is to eat and eat and enjoy what i got here that we cannot simply get there in our place. My sweet loving husband is right, i should do what i must do here and before i know it, he is coming here to join us the fun and will get us here. Well, anyway no one can blame me though, i love my husband and i cannot help myself to miss him especially whenever i see couple that are so sweet together. But hubby will be here on September though, will be with him again and we'll be back home together with the kids.

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