Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Could Be Fun But Sad As Well

Sometimes it is fun to talk to my husband through the internet and joking around with him. Every time we talk he'll always tell me that i am teasing him and making him miss me even more. So do i, making me miss him too. But it can also be sad whenever my husband tells me how lonely he is being by himself in our house. It won't be until September before he can follow us here in my country. Our oldest son is starting to look for his daddy's presence and i just try to comfort him by telling him daddy will arrive soon.

I just have to divert my son's and my attention so we don't miss daddy that bad. We should enjoy every bit of our vacation here so we won't miss anything here and soon as we get back there in Utah we won't have regrets and we can say that the vacation is all worth it. I really have to enjoy this vacation because i am sure that after this, we won't be able to do this again for we have a plan that needs money saving. And i really can't wait to get that plan done and will be able to see it in my eyes.

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