Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Building Our Own House

My mother is been telling me that she is adoring those houses that are just barely built here in her place. Well as i was talking to my husband i opened up to that topic of having our own house here near where my mom lives. And he kind of agree that it will be good if we have our own house here. It got me excited because i have been dreaming about it, to have a lovely house here in my country. No worries about the land since we already have our own land. We bought it long time ago, it's just the house that needs to be built there. I am now imagining about it, it got me so excited. I would like to have rustic furniture so our house will be unique and will be so much different from the others. I am sure my mom would be so happy soon as she will know that my husband agreed about our plan.

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