Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Being Smart

Really i can't help myself whenever there's sale. I am not a very picky kind of person and i would prefer to find some good things that are on sale rather than buying new stuff and later on will regret because i bought it way too early and will find out that the things i bought is low price after so few months. In fact, i found something that i want to get that i think it's worth the price. Some friends are joking around with me that i am a scrooge kind of person but actually i really am not. I am just being thrifty since there is no sense of buying certain things with expensive price and you can just get it in a lower price later on, i just have to wait for a little while. When it comes to technology, i don't rush everything, of course when the technology is just barely out in the market, it would be obviously expensive, then they will lower down the price soon as there will be something new that will come out in the market.

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