Friday, July 2, 2010

It's All About Comfort

They said i am one fashionista girl. I must admit that i really am, i am not denying it to anybody. I love fashion and i don't really care whether it is cheap or expensive as long as i am comfortable with it. But honestly, mostly of my things are bought whenever there's on promotional products. I love to find things that are phasing out and i always find the good ones to where there's on sale products. Fashion is not all about how expensive the things you are going to buy, it's all about how you carry it and how to manage it. I have seen lots of women that are trying hard to be looking like celebrities but they end up looking so funny because they are trying to copy those celebrities that wears expensive products. Anyway, i just noticed those people, for me, i don't try hard, i will make sure that i don't look funny whatever i want to wear.

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