Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is It Really?

Yay!!! Today is May 2nd and i cannot just believe that the month that i have been waiting for is finally here or is it really? Time flies for me because i had so much activity recently and will be even more busier this coming weeks. On the second Saturday of May i am going to have a yard sale so i can sell the things that we don't need here in the house and it's a way of cleaning for me. Why keep things that we don't usually need, so better sell them and make money out of it, right? And this coming May 15 which is my son's big day, it will be his birthday and i am planning for a party for him, i will be inviting some good friends with kiddos as well. As usual, we are going to celebrate his birthday in our backyard where there's big room for kids to play and run around.

And on the third week of May, is going to be our flight to Philippines. I really am busy nowadays because i haven't packed everything yet. Yes, i bought all the things that i want to bring for my family already but they're not packed yet. Plus i have to leave the house clean so i don't have to clean when i come back here.

But anyway, the shower party of my niece in law yesterday was awesome. Everyone enjoyed and had a french style food and dessert which is really delicious. I have never tasted those food before that i ate yesterday and i fell in love with it. I am the kind of person that doesn't like to taste the food that i am not familiar with, but yesterday, to be more formal, i tasted the food so the people won't think i am picky. And i love all the food that the host prepared for all the guests that came to the party. The wedding will be on the third week of this month and i can tell that the bride to be is very excited. Well, anyway, better get off from here before i totally glued myself here in front of my computer, lol! Happy Sunday everyone!!!

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Emzkie said...

wow sounds like a pretty hectic schedule u got there Darl. =) unta neighbors ta para maki yard sale ko. hehehe.
oi thanks for dropping by my blog ha and for the comments. =) c ya around..