Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We Are So Ready

Yay i can't really wait!!! I woke up so early today because we are going to have a very special occasion to attend to. It's my cousin's debut party and it's a very fancy celebration since she is the only daughter of my aunt. We are so ready and so as my kids, i bought them tuxedo both of them and i am so excited to see them wearing it because it is going to be their first time to wear such a nice suit like this. I just hope that my oldest son will dance with the debutant. Although i really am not expecting it too much since he is a very shy boy and doesn't like an occasion such as like this. Oh, well i hope he will get interested later on soon as the party will start. I already have my own nice gown to wear too and i am so excited to dance at the party.

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