Sunday, May 30, 2010

Putting Into Rest

Life is indeed very unpredictable. You cannot really tell when is the perfect time for you to depart from this world. I was just so surprised upon learning when i got here in my mother's place that a lot of people are gone already. I mean, they are not just gone because they went somewhere else, i am saying that, they are gone forever. I feel so bad that most of them aren't so prepared especially the family that's being left behind. They weren't even able to set the funeral planning for their loved ones that ended their lives. It's just so sad knowing that they are gone already but the family is having problem how to put them into rest because they are not prepared emotionally and most of all, financially. They're even having problem how to survive with their daily life, how much more taking care of the loved ones that is about to be put into rest forever.

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