Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Challenge For Me

I am already aware that siblings does have different characteristics and behaviour. I grew up with a big family. I have quite a few siblings and we sure do have different characteristics and behaviour each one of us. Although we may have some similarities but mostly, we act and speak differently. My two sisters were not so aggressive like i do, not so tough i must say. The other one is tough like me too. But they are prettier than me, that's the fact. I don't find myself beautiful, only presentable. And if someone is thinking that i am too braggy about myself, i am just so sorry to tell you that you are so wrong of your accusations towards me. Yes, everyone likes to be presentable right? And so am i, so i am just being real here that what i am trying to say is, no one doesn't want to post their photos looking so trashy or looking so groggy. I am sure all the people posted their photos in the internet because they want to hear some admirations or appreciations from friends and family.

But anyway, enough for that. My two sons also have different characteristics and behaviour. My oldest one was kind of quiet baby, while my youngest one is more active just like me. I must say that my oldest one must have got everything from his dad and the little one got my character and behaviour. These two boys are sure different. I was able to manage my time then when i had my oldest one, now that i have this second one, i am having hard time to cope up with my chores completely. Plus the fact that the oldest one goes to school already and i have to take him and pick him up from his school. Well, even though they are different in so many ways, they are my kids and obviously i love them very much. It is more a challenge for me to raise them knowing they are different.

The other one is quiet, behave and calm. I can even leave him in one spot and do all my chores and gets back with him, and he was still at the same spot. While the other one is more attention seeker, squeaky, bubbly and entertaining. The little one sometimes can be bully to his big brother. There were times that he unintentionally hurts his big brother and the poor big brother will rush to Mommy to get some comfort. Yesterday i cooked a pot pie for my preschooler and he was eating it at the front room by the coffee table while watching the television, and this little bully brother grabbed the food and spilled it on the floor. Poor big brother, all he did was cry, he just told his little brother that what he did was bad. I am glad that he is not hot tempered brother, he couldn't dare to hurt his brother because i have been reminding him not to hurt the baby, he doesn't know what he is doing and almost everything he does is play for him. Anyway, i am really happy that i have these two wonderful blessings in my life. They are my source of strength and they keep me going. They are my happiness and joys to my heart. It's fulfilling to watch them growing happy and healthy although sometimes it can be exhausting. I will try to be a best mother to them and will teach them good things to the best of my knowledge.

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