Monday, May 10, 2010

She Look Great

Our flight schedule is almost here. I really am excited and so as my family back home. It's a good time of going home because my cousin is going to have her birthday party the day after we arrive there in our place. She did really prepared for this party because i can see her physical changes. She used to be one chubby girl when i last saw her but when we chatted two days ago, i was so surprised upon seeing her total physical change. She really did a good job on losing her weight and she does look great on her new look now. I kept on asking her what did she do to gain her new look, and she was not going to tell me but later on after our chat, she told me what she took enable for her to lose some weight. She's been taking the apidexin which really helped her and it worked for her perfect. I am so happy for her though because she doesn't really look good if she's big, she has to be look like what she is now because it looks good on her just perfect. Now that her birthday is coming up, she is very excited to wear sexy dress and dance with the man of her dream...

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