Saturday, May 29, 2010

So Much Better

We've been here in BOHOL now for about three days where my mom lives and i am loving it because it's way much better than the city of CEBU that really drives me crazy because of the extreme hot temperature out there plus the polluted air that made it worse. I am so glad that my kids are now away from the sickening place, i really hate to see them get sick but they already got sick due to the hot temperature in Cebu when we got there. I got cough too but it is now a little better compared the other day that irritated me so much, it hurts my throat and it's annoying.

I am here at the internet cafe right now for i still don't have internet connection of my own. I was about to go to the city here in Bohol tomorrow but i learned that they are going to have a parade tomorrow at the small island tomorrow, so i decided and thought i would do it on Tuesday instead. This is going to be the first time that this kind of parade will be done in this small island and everyone is excited to witness it. Me too, i am sure my kids would love to watch the parade as well. Well, i better get things done here since i don't own this computer i am using right now, better make every penny worth, lol!

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