Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yours Truly, Shopping

I am starting to miss my friends back in USA. I finally got here to my beloved country the other day. Although it was so tiring trip for me and for my family but i am very thankful that we made a safe and smooth trip. This photo below is yours truly, was taken a week before i flew here. We were able to bond in Salt Lake City and shopped the store that i have never been before. I really am glad i went out with them because i was not going to when they invited me at first and then later on i decided to go with them. Now that i am here, i can shop as long as i want because the prices here in the stores are way cheaper compared the dollar prices back in Utah. I am so sure that i can find lots of nice outfits that i am going to buy. Anyway, no hurry since i still have over 2 months to go before i go back there in USA.

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