Monday, May 10, 2010

I Am A Lucky Mom

I really feel so bad to those kids who have skin problems. I am sure that the parents feels double as much as how i felt for their kids. I am just lucky enough that my kids doesn't have that kind of problems. And i am so thankful because i can't even imagine seeing my kids having that kind of itchiness and won't be able to sleep tight because the skin disease is bothering them. There was one kid i knew that his parents can't even sleep well too during at night because his mother always watching him at night due to his abnormal sleeping hours. The mother took her son to different kinds of eczema treatment and hoping that she would find the best cure for her son. I felt for her though, i told her that having a humid climate can help her son because dry climate is just gonna make his condition worst. I always appreciate little things about my kids, that's why i can really tell to myself that i am a very lucky mom for not having such a problematic kids regarding to these kind of skin problems.

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