Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not Switching It

Acne is a very common problem here in my country due to the polluted air. Dusts are everywhere especially to the big cities. That's why i really hate living in the city because it's full of stress and problems. Unlike here at my mother's place, it's much better because it's cleaner air and fresher. But still i brought some acne face wash with me just to make sure that i won't get anything that will make me embarrass to show my face to people. When we talk about face, i am so careful not to get bumps, aside from it's annoying, it's also painful and unbearable. Better to be prepare than to regret later on. I don't think my skin would just be alright with some products here, i try not to switch from one product to another here and then because it sometimes can cause problems to do that.

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