Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby's Curiosity

Too bad i don't have my oldest one's picture when he had his first touch of the grass. He was just like his little brother, was so curious and wondering why the grass is a little sharp that's poking his cute little hands. Babies are sure cuties. They are the most curious creatures in the world. I really love to capture every moment of my kids to freeze the memories, that way, i can show them the images i took when they're grown and they can show them to their kids as well when they have their own family already. That is one of my dream, is to make them happy knowing i didn't miss any moment that they have during their childhood. I have documented and saved some evidences of their silliness. But anyway, here is the photo i captured two weeks ago when went to a park along by the pond. This was his very first touch of the grass, and i can just tell how curious he was during this very moment and probably wondering why is the grass's poking him, just like his big brother...

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