Sunday, May 30, 2010

Totally Different

Sure is so strange for me to use different computer. When i logged in here in my blogger account, at first i had trouble logging in because i almost forgot my password. If i am using my own laptop, i don't have to re enter my password since i already set it to remember my password, all i have to do is just to click the email i am using to log in and everything will be all set no problem. Also there are times that i cannot even log in here because the internet is so slow and it sometimes drives me crazy. Well, i have no choice but to deal with it temporarily while i still don't have my own internet at my mom's place. I am looking forward having it so soon. I can't stand internet cafe here because of the shouting kids playing their games, annoying and very irritating. I just hope that i can get the internet connection within this week so i can have peace of mind and privacy when i blog.

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