Sunday, May 30, 2010

He's Got The Talent

We just barely got back with my youngest brother from my friend's house. She is also in United States right now and asked me a favor if i could take my brother to her mom's house so he can fix her computer. The computer hasn't been working for awhile now and she was worried that it might not work anymore. There were two technicians that already looked at it but they weren't able to fix it. But when my brother looked at it, he was able to fix it and told her big brother that the RAM is damaged, it's not working anymore that's why it keeps on telling error because it's still inside even though it's not working anymore. I must say that my brother has the talent when it comes to electronics, he can fix pretty much everything, he sure is one gifted young man for having such a great talent for fixing things easy,no sweat and effortless.

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