Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sexy Christmas Lingerie

Christmas is again fast approaching. And hubby hates it so much! LOL! He said that he is going to be broke again this year with all the wishes from his dear family. Anyway, i already told hubby what would i like to get this Christmas, and of course i wouldn't tell him what i am going to give him, it should be a surprise and i do know what he needs. A nice jacket. Shhhh. Don't tell this to him that i told you guys, lol!

As we were talking about it earlier, i mentioned it to him that i also want a sexy christmas lingerie. The last time he gave me one was before we got married. He went to my place and handed me my cute and sexy lingerie with one a pair of underwear. So, i said, maybe it is time for him to buy me a new one and i already saw one that i would really really love to have. It's a black one that is not so daring and yet, it is so comfortable for sleeping. It isn't that much too that's why i could just squeeze that in to my wishlist which is soon will be granted by my dearest santa hubby haha!

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