Wednesday, November 9, 2011

San Antonio Orthodontist

My first grader showed me his growing tooth that replaced the one he lost a month ago. He thought that it is going to fall off once again. So i explained it to him that once he lose one tooth, surely there is going to be a replacement since that was his first tooth that fell out. And i also told him that he should quit sucking his thumb so his teeth won't be deformed. I am seeing some signs already that his teeth are going to be crooked if ever he still continues doing his bad habit.

I have seen a lot of kids doing that though, so i guess it wasn't just me who's dealing this with my boy. I keep reminding him but keeps on forgetting it. I already tried many tactics on how to get rid of his habit but to no avail, i always fail. So, because of that, i am thinking that there is a big possibility that he will be wearing braces soon when he's grown. And that made me searched from google about braces. And i saw this San Antonio Orthodontist that does the fantastic job regarding about braces. I wish they are nearby. Seeing these models of theirs to this site made me think that they did a pretty good job on correcting these teenagers's teeth. Oh well, i am sure my son is going to wear one soon, and i have to find a nearest orthodontist i could find in town.

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