Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plus Size Dress

Plus size dress nowadays are just as stylish as those dress that are for small framed ones. In fact, i find more stylish clothes in bigger size rather than in petite size. I was shopping earlier and found some nice and pretty styles of it. I was wishing that they also have the same style i want from the big sizes for the petite size because i am small framed woman. But unfortunately, they ran out. Too bad though, i wish i went there a little early so i could at least get two kinds.

Anyway, since i have a friend that's heavy kind of woman, she surely would love those dress i was talking about. She also loves collecting dresses like me. I guess that's why we are good friends because we have something in common. She always asks me where i usually get my clothes, and of course because she is my friend, i also tell her and sometimes take her with me whenever i go shopping if she is off from her work and free for that day.

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