Friday, November 18, 2011

No Bullying! No Kids Deserves It!

When your child gets bullied, what are you going to do? Especially when the bullies are way bigger than your child, a lot older and supposed to be wiser. Sigh! That's what happened to my son today. It was his very first time getting bullied by 5th grader kids while they're in the bus. He was so upset and crying when he came home. I asked him what happened why he was mad, and he told me everything what happened.

He ought to show us his project that he did at school. According to him, it was an Indian hat that native American wears. He was all so excited when he was about to come home because he was going to show that to us. But, that hat he was talking about was wrecked by those brats. I asked him if they could just possibly accidentally wrecked his work or did they really do it in a purpose. And he said yes, they did it in a purpose because he was holding the hat and they grabbed it from him and wrecked it. My son is a quiet and a very friendly boy, he prefers to be by himself rather than being with those bully kids.

This makes me mad really! Just so upsetting! But then there's nothing i can do until Monday comes. I have to let the bus driver know about it and also the school principal so they can put action to it. Take note! Those bullies are 5th graders! They are way bigger than my 1st grader! I just don't want my son being bullied by anybody. No kids deserves to be bullied anyway. And there's no parents like to see their child getting bullied by other kids, especially when the bullies are bigger. This is the first, and i am hoping it will be the last.

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Mel Cole said...

Bullying is hard especially when kids are in American public schools. Kids like those should be called attention to the principal with their parents as well. Next time when you caught them in act mommy, better report it.