Friday, November 18, 2011

Family Getaway Plan

Going to another country is one of my dreams to fulfill. Especially when hubby talks about it. He lived in Europe for several years and he said how wonderful it was to be there. The place is beautiful and the surroundings is unbeatable. And now, he wants to roam the Canada. Which, it is an exciting plan for me because i myself never have been to that country. I love traveling! And so as my husband, that's probably why we are meant to be together as husband and wife because we both love to travel.

Anyway, he was planning to go and stay there for at least two weeks or so. He has heard a lot of good feedback mainly in Airdrie. And because we will stay there for awhile, it would be a good idea if we'll have to look for a good deal Airdrie apartments for rent that we can find. I am sure that we can easily get one without a problem. There's no exact date when are we going there yet, but then, just thinking about it makes me so excited already. I can't wait to see the place with my own naked eyes. I know for sure that my family and i are going to have lots of fun during our stay there.

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