Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ready For Photography Business

I am so happy that my page in the networking website has now growing community. I love to see people liking my page, it makes my heart melt and gives me the sweetest smile ever. Lately, i have been so hooked up with portraiture photography and i am planning to take it seriously. In fact, i just placed my order yesterday at of my studio photography lighting kit. I am very excited and anxious to receive it. I am expecting to have it by tomorrow.

I can just tell that i am ready to start my own business, though some people might say i am not fully experienced yet, but i already have enough knowledge to take pictures to start a small business. Though i must admit, photography is like going to a class, you learn something new everyday, through experience. I love photography, whatever kind of photography it is, my most favorites are macro and portraiture. So, that's why i am always practicing almost everyday with my little one. He's the immediate model i can grab, and he's free, lol! Anyway, here's some of his photographs taken just the other day in our backyard.
My little oneDSC_7945DSC_7950

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